FireShield Sytems is not claiming to save a home from Bushfire, but with our installation PLUS information from Essential Bushfire Tips, the homeowner should be able to make a more balanced decision on how to react in a bushfire scenario.



“We have always been interested in insulation to make our home more comfortable to live in, and began renovating six years ago and by having weatherboards removed from the front and sides of the house, and replaced by 75mm Polystyrene with a render finish.  We  also installed double glazed windows.  All this work was done by Plastering Solutions – Noel Haig.


Last year we started on the back of the house, and Noel mentioned that we could have the same finish and installation, but with the added benefit of making the walls fire proof.  Even though we were not in a major risk fire area, we realized that this would not always be the case.  Noel told us that he had developed a system to protect the roof of a house from bushfire attack, and after the disaster of Black Saturday, we were more than happy to have our roof protected – especially as the fire protection keeps our home insulated as well.


So now we have our house fully insulated through the roof, walls and double-glazed windows.  Last summer it was 37C outside, it was just 22C inside.  In the winter our heater goes on at night and switches off in the morning, and the house is still comfortably warm during the day.”


- Gail & John Fennell, Buninyong




“We have recently been invited to inspect a new fire wall and roofing, fire protection system that is being developed by a local Ballarat resident My Noel Haig.  Noel’s system basically involves constructing an insulated cavity wall with external render coating.  His walling system has been tested by the Warrington Fire Research Laboratory and withstood a Two Hour fire test, and continued to do so after Four hours -  this is in accordance with AS 1530.4 and meets part 1 and 2 of this standard as well.

He has furthermore adapted his rendering method for roofing as well.  In this, the timber surfaces of the roof framework, immediately under the roof covering are all the coated with the render as well as rendering them virtually fireproof.  He has previously approached the CFA with his system but not had the opportunity to exhibit it.


As the issue of building in the Mt Helen WMO area is currently topical, and finding suitable construction methods is an issue, we have suggested Mr Haig again approach your organization to demonstrate his system.  For people tied up in the whole bushfire safety and domestic construction issues, associated therewith, this would be of some professional interest and furthermore it’s encouraging to see that Noel, as a local resident, has taken such a big interest over the last 10 years in putting his time (and money) into developing what he homes to be a safer house, in a bushfire prone area.”


- Email from Hans Tracksdorf (Building Surveyor)

- Subject: Local innovation for new system to meet BAL-FZ constructional requirements for Domestic Housing


It is up to the homeowner to have a plan to defend their home from flame radiant heat and ember attack.

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