FireShield Sytems is not claiming to save a home from Bushfire, but with our installation PLUS information from Essential Bushfire Tips, the homeowner should be able to make a more balanced decision on how to react in a bushfire scenario.

It is in the homeowners interest to make their home “Ember Attack Safe”, not the CFA (Volunteers).

Having to evacuate is not always the safest option. Roads may be blocked, you may be unable to get back to your home if you are away.  Fireshield protects your house safely and the home has a greater chance of survival.


Fireshield gives you confidence - it is not a case of defending your home from a fire when it happens, its about having the protection at all times.



Fireshield Application Benefits

•   Protects against Ember Attack

•   Insulates the home, saving on heating & cooling costs

•   Strenghtens the walls and roof structure

•   Allows a longer period for a house to survive a fire

    front,  giving  the occupants safe haven in excess of

    3 hours - most  fire fronts  are approx 20-30 minutes.

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